BRUSHWOODS Fresh Rolled Oats (5 x 1kg)

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Buy your oats in bulk and the whole family can indulge in a luxury breakfast for just 30c per serve (30g or 1/3 cup). Achieve a perfect, creamy consistency, whether breakfast’s on the run or a ritual to start your day. Nothing added, nothing taken away, just 100% goodness that keeps you fuller for longer.

5 x 1kg vacuum sealed packs to retain freshness. Note these packs are unboxed.

Would you like to receive our fresh oats on a regular basis? Our Oats on Subscription service means you can have fresh rolled oats, groats or steel-cut oats delivered to your doorstep every month, every 6 weeks or every 2 months. Click here to find out more.

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5 x 1 kg

53 reviews for BRUSHWOODS Fresh Rolled Oats (5 x 1kg)

  1. Sandra

    Excellent in all aspects. Service, communication and product. Highly highly recommended. Kendra is a delight to deal with. And the oats make porridge that is next level. The fact that buying from these guys supports Australian farmers makes them even more delicious.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you so much Sandra – that is so lovely!! So pleased that you are being part of the fan club. Kendra x

  2. Alice

    The best oats! Once you sample these, you will never want to purchase oats from the supermarket (or anywhere else!) again. I love how pure and tasty these oats are, also knowing I am supporting Australian farmers and an Aussie business, which is important to me. Delivery is quick and personable – a taste of the country in the city!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Aww – thats such a lovely review!! Thanks so much Alice!! I love that you love so much of what I love.

  3. Sarah

    The Brushwood Rolled Oats really are superior to any other oats I have tried. I love the creaminess. I ordered extra bags knowing that some would be gifted! Thank you, Kendra :)

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU SO MUCH SARAH!! Sharing the love and spreading the word is always our best form of advertising so I’m super grateful that you are gifting some of our oats. Kendra x

  4. Michael

    For the creamiest porridge ever, before you go to bed bring 1/3 cup of Brushwoods Rolled Oats, 1 cup of water and a pinch of salt to the boil. Turn off the heat as soon as it boils and leave the lid on the pot overnight. Reheat and stir for breakfast in the morning. I add chopped strawberries, a banana and some raisins for extra deliciousness, but that is entirely up to you. I gave our daughter one of the 1kg bags to try and she promptly ordered her own 5 kg!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      LOVE IT MICHAEL!! Thanks for sharing. Kx

  5. Robyn Guthrie

    Always love interacting with Kendra. She remembers who I am and my order, so each time I deal with her it is a joy and efficiently transacted
    The oats come promptly and in perfect condition.
    And I love these oats above all others.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      AWW THANK YOU ROBYN!! Always a pleasure to hear from you. Kx

  6. Suzette and Allan Cameron

    We have been buying Brushwood Oats for over 3 years and wouldn’t go back to previous commercial Oats. They are delicious.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Such long term loyalty!! Thank you so much Suzie and Allan. Love having you on board. Kx

  7. Judith N

    Just received another oats ‘refill’.
    Best oats ever, especially soaked overnight. Thankyou

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thanks Judith!! So glad you are still in love with our oats!! Kx

  8. Frank

    I’ve been a regular porridge eater all my life & I must say Brushwood’s oats are the best I’ve come across. I bought 5 packs of rolled oats & 5 of steel cut. I go for the rolled oats when I’m pressed for time & savour the steel cut on more leisurely mornings.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Aww – thats a great review. Thanks so much Frank!! I love that you have an oat for different occassions. Kx

  9. Nat

    The best oats in anything. Breakfast, cooking, protein balls or for oat flour – you name it. These oats hold their structure and form and are so yummy. Hot tip: Soak in milk overnight for an extra creamy taste!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK NAT!! Love that you love what I love!! Thanks for the review, it means a lot.

  10. Cookie

    Brushwoods rolled oats are the key ingredient in my homemade muesli, they provide the important glue to keep it all together. Unlike so many other rolled oats Brushwoods’ are solid not powdery. Life starts each day with a great breakfast – alternating Brushwoods Oats in our muesli one day and our Brushwoods Steel Cut Oat Porridge the next – cannot ask for better.

    Oh and these oats make the best ANZACbikkies ever.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      YES!! I agree that one cannot make a great muesli with dried oats – fresh all the way!! Thank you Cookie. Kx

  11. Cookie

    Steel yourself for the best oats for brekky! Brushwoods steel cut oats make the nicest porridge. Nutty, warming and nutricious – can’t ask for more. We have been eating these little power packages for years and will continue to slurp them each morning almost into the grave. Try them!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh Cookie – you are a gem!! Thank you so much for loving our oats and for being so loyal!! Kx

  12. Anne Lim

    These oats are creamy and delicious and don’t need sugar to be enjoyed as porridge or overnight oats. Having run out of them previously, I tried Uncle Toby’s and was put off by the powdery texture. My husband and I have now committed to Brushwood’s because it’s simply the best.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh wow – thats awesome. Thanks so much Anne!! Maybe our oats should have a little addiction warning on the label ???? Thanks for taking the time to write us a review!! Kx

  13. Lauren

    We have tried both the steel cut oats and the fresh rolled oats & decided the fresh rolled oats suit us best! Not only do they make THE BEST porridge , but so great in baking as well. I love buying from a small family run business & honestly no better oats around. Highly recommend. Also wonderful customer service from Kendra as well.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU LAUREN!! I love a bit of old fashioned customer service so I’m glad it doesn’t go unnoticed. I think you are right – the rolled oats are just so versatile but still give a lovely textured porridge. So glad we are hitting the mark for you. Thank you again. Kendra x

  14. Suzette Cohen

    I’ve been purchasing 5 kilo batches of Brushwoods Fresh Rolled Oats for a couple of years now and I can’t imagine going back to Supermarket brands for my oats. Love love these oats and great for helping to lower my Cholesterol. Have them every day in Smoothies and Porridge in Winter. Thanks…Kendra

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU SUZETTE!! We’ve loved having you on board and really appreciate that you have taken the time to give us a review. So happy to hear that your cholesterol levels are lower. Kendra x

  15. Christine

    No more buying cheap supermarket dry oats for us as you can’t get fresher oats than straight from Brushwoods! It’s worth paying more for tastier, fresher oats which we use in smoothies and in so many batches of Anzac biscuits! Delicious!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU CHRISTINE!! I might be a little biased but I agree 100%. I reckon fresh oats make the best ANZAC biscuits ever!! Kx

  16. Sarah

    Absolutely delicious! Great on apple crumble too :)

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      YES!! I’m with you, they are delicious in any crumble!! Thank you Sarah ?

  17. Gavan

    Brilliant oats – nice & chewy with great flavour. I have them with cold milk every day (I’m not into porridge!)

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Don’t have to be a porridge lover to be a fan of fresh oats – so glad you love them Gavan!! Thank you!! Regards Kendra x

  18. Karen Scott

    Kendra’s oats are great, I love their freshness and flavour. I’ve been buying them for about 3 years now and don’t intend to stop. For me, the most convenient way to buy them is 5kgs at a time. They are an everyday favourite for me and I enjoy them every time.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU KAREN – so good to have had you as a long time lover of our oats!!

  19. Wendy

    I have been ordering these oats for quite a while now. They are so worth the effort. I find them to be the best I’ve ever tasted.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU WENDY!! So glad we are hitting the spot with our oats. Your kind words mean a lot.
      Have a fabulous festive season!! Kx

  20. Kelly

    Best oats I’ve had! Also great for baking, and homemade muesli & granola! Thanks for your wonderful product & service – we are looking forward to trying your olive oil soon too :-)

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Kelly!! Actually your olive oil is being dispatched today so it won’t be too long to wait before you get to enjoy our 2021 batch of liquid gold. Stay well. Kendra x

  21. Ashley

    These oats are honestly the best oats I have ever had. They are so creamy when making porridge. I am excited to make Anzac biscuits with them. Also they are so quick with shipping your order out very impressive. So happy to support and Australian business. You guys are awesome!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      You are never going to be able to make Anzac biscuits with dried oats again – they are amazing with fresh oats!!
      I’ve that person that orders something on line and I want it now so I reckon lots of my customers are probably the same – thats why I try to always get orders out within 24 hours. I’m so glad that you are loving our oats and our service!! THANK YOU ASHLEY!! Kx

  22. Leonie Gusman

    I absolutely love these oats! I soak them overnight for the best porridge, creamy, chewy and filling. Just made the first batch of Anzac biscuits with them – delicious. Happy to support an Aussie business.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU LEONIE!! You’ll never make Anzac biscuits as good as you will with Brushwoods – you’ve set the bar high now :-)
      So glad you found us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Kendra x

  23. Erica

    The. Best. Oats! Brings new levels of creaminess to whatever you add them to.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YO ERICA!! So glad that we are hitting the mark on the creaminess scale – take care.

  24. Lesley Goff

    These are the best oats I have ever tasted. The porridge is creamy and when I toast them to make my own toasted muesli the flavour is divine. And they made the best Anzac biscuits I’ve had in years.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Aaw thank you Lesley!! You’ve made my day – so happy that we are ticking all the boxes. Kendra x

  25. Isabel

    The BEST oats for porridge and muesli! A great way to buy oats in bulk to feed the family and the service Kendra gives her customers is kind, friendly and efficient. Such an easy way to order- pretty much like someone delivering breakfast to your door!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh bless – thank you Isabel!! I love what I do so good service comes easily. Good products – well Mother Nature has to take some of the credit there. I love that you love what I love!! Kx

  26. Kerist

    My second year buying these delicious oats in bulk. Luckily for me I had access to them from my local IGA so I was eating them long before I was buying them direct. It’s just so satisfying buying them straight from the source, knowing I’m supporting a dream and a business. I love the friendly personal service Kendra provides and the super quick turnaround.

    Needless to say the oats are the best! I cook them in a little hot water, with a pinch of salt, a spoon of chia seeds and organic wild blueberries. Then I tip that creamy concoction into a bowl over banana, locally grown walnuts, stone ground flaxseed meal and a generous topping cinnamon! Fills me up until lunch time. In summer the oats become my muesli base and are just as good chocked full of seeds, fruit and nuts and toasted with a drizzle of rice bran syrup and cinnamon.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh wow – I’m coming over for breakfast at your house (tee hee). Thank you for such kind words, super glad that you are loving our oats and the service that comes with buying direct. Kx

  27. Catherine Greethead

    ove your rolled oats. My favourite is cooked with berries. Another is raw with grated carrot and or apple with cinnamon and a little honey. I soak it overnight ready for breakfast on the go.
    A quick whiz in the processor and I add the oats to, veggie patties. Add to my pastry for apple pie. Make my favourite oat crackers. A quality product for a price, so healthy.
    Thankyou Everyone at brush woods

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Catherine!! So glad you love our oats and that you have so many ways of bringing their goodness into your meals!! Kx

  28. jeff.grant

    These oats are simply the best. Once you try them, you will never go back to any other oats. They have a taste that you just don’t get with other oats.

    To make it even better, Kendra really takes care of her customers. She goes the extra mile to make shopping with Brushwoods a real pleasure.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Aw thanks Jeff – you’d know!! Its been over two years since you placed your first order with me and I reckon you have purchased about 70 kg oats over that period!! Thank you so much for being such a loyal fan!! Kx

  29. Gail Fitzgerald

    I just love my oats for breakfast. I soak them in almond milk and yoghurt and spices overnight and in the morning just add fruit … so easy, even my daughter does the same now. So easy. . Didn’t really eat oats until I discovered these now if I’m given other brand oats they taste awful. I’ve become an oats snob lol.
    They are SOOO good I can’t recommend highly enough.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU FOR BEING AN OAT SNOB!! And for such kind words – it really means a lot to me. Love that you have also got your daughter hooked. Its always a pleasure to see your order come through. Kx

  30. Karl

    I am a 15 year old boy who runs a small business called Karl’s crazy kitchen in SA. These oats are the signature ingredient in my 100% Aussie Muesli slice.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Hey Karl. That is soo cool!! I’m super proud to be supplying the signature ingredient – thank you so much for supporting Aussie made. Your efforts really matter, I wish more chefs/cooks/bakers really cared about the origins of the food they prepare. All the best with your crazy kitchen. Kx

  31. Colleen

    Once you try these oats you will never go back to any supermarket brand oats. These are packed full of flavour and actually taste like real oats and the best bit is your also supporting an Australian family business!!
    I love these oats they are the best!!!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU COLLEEN!! So glad that you love our oats!! It means a lot to us having you on board as such a loyal customer!! Kx

  32. Toni

    The best, most flavorsome & creamy oats from Brushwood groats I have ever tried handsdown (& I have been rolling groats for our porridge & Bircher for more than 2 years now)
    Orders arrive promptly & the packaging in 1 kg lots means they stay fresh until use
    Shop bought oats taste like cardboard in comparison, actually there is no comparison, do your taste buds a favor & get some ! :)

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! What a fabulous review. You’ve made my day Toni. Kx

  33. Claire Stafford

    These oats are fantastic. They are so versatile whether using for delicious breakfast porridge, yummy Anzac slice or in many different recipes. Definitely a very welcome change from supermarket oats and great value.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Claire – so glad we have made the grade and impressed you!! Kx

  34. Heather Taylor

    The day I stumbled onto the site for Brushwood oats was I must say a revelation for me. To now be able to enjoy a staple food item that is so close to how Mother Nature intended it to be is a true blessing for all the consumers who have discovered this wonderful family run business. Hats off to you all in your endeavours to bring the best of produce to the market place and long may you be rewarded with a business that has no limits in it’s upward journey.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh wow – I think we were so lucky to have such a lovely lady find us!! Thank you so much Heather – you are a true gem. Stay well lovely. Kx

  35. Michelle Gorst

    Love, love, love these oats ? I used to only buy Uncle Tobys thinking they were the best oats on the market. Brushwood oats are next level, they leave Uncle Tobys for dead!! Consistently delicious, I wouldn’t buy oats anywhere else now. Thank you Brushwoods for a truly superior product ?

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Aw shucks – thanks so much Michelle!! Love that we are next level for you!! Keeping on enjoying. Kx

  36. Polly Telford

    Brushwoods Fresh Rolled Oats are simply the best there is. We too are a customer for life and will never never buy shop brought again. They have everything you could possibly wish for. The flavour is amazing and you just know you are feeding your body the best there is. Thank you Kendra, please don’t ever retire. x

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Some customers always make me smile and you are one of them Polly!! Thank you so much for always being sooooo supportive!! Kxx

  37. Louise Edgar

    I used to think that oats were oats – but they’re not! I bought my first batch of Brushwood oats after seeing them on Buyfromthebush, and now am hooked on their deliciousness. In fact this year for Christmas presents for friends I’m giving them a pack of oats to spread the love. Thanks Kendra and family for all your hard work and excellent customer service.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Dear Louise – thank you so much for such gorgeous words!! I hope that your friends also become huge fans of ours. I love what I do but reviews like this make it even more rewarding. Kx

  38. Raye Abouchabake

    Love the rolled oats and the taste is amazing! Love the service from this company even more.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Raye!! Sorry I missed you on Friday when I delivered your order. Stay well. Kendra

  39. Julie

    I’ve just tried these fresh oats for the first time and I love them! I don’t make porridge or Bircher muesli but just add milk, fruit, seeds and yoghurt. And the fresh oats work a treat! By comparison, the taste and texture of supermarket dried oats like paper! Can’t wait to use them to make Kendra’s Anzac Slice now. Think I’m hooked!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh wow – thank you Julie. I’m so glad you finished your dried oats before you tried our fresh oats – it might be tricky to go back to the dried version now :-)
      ENJOY lovely!! Kx

  40. Ruth Browne

    The most amazing oats I have ever had

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      WOO HOO – thank you so much Ruth!! Have to say you are a rather amazing customer too!! THANK YOU. Kx

  41. Rebecca

    We had our first great breakfast of these high quality oats this morning and were very happy! Thanks for your family’s quality work and I felt so reassured by your lovely communications before the oats arrived. Feel very fortunate to have found you indeed. Thanks again!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Ooh thank you Rebecca!! Thats so lovely!! If we can help to kick start your day with a little sparkle of something special then its all worthwhile. Stay well. Kx

  42. Donna Smith

    The Brushwood oats have so much more texture and taste than Uncle Toby’s! We eat them every day and have just ordered our second batch. We will not be going back to the more processed supermarket oats.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Donna. I’m so happy that you are loving our oats!! x

  43. Jen

    Incredible Oats
    So creamy so delicious and kick starts my day to keep me going ..
    I got the 5kg so great value and I’ll be a returning customer ?

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Jen – welcome to the Brushwoods family!! x

  44. Wendy

    I absolutely love this product! Have been making my own muesli for many years… but using these fresh rolled oats has definitely improved the taste a 100%… it honestly made such a big difference!! Will never be able to buy the ones from the supermarket again. And the service you get from Kendra is amazing… your order will arrive quickly, and the personal touch very thoughtful. All in all a great product and service!! :)

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU SO MUCH WENDY!! It’s so nice to know that the extra mile I try to go to is appreciated at the other end. Even better knowing that we have lifted your homemade muesli to a whole new level!! Kx

  45. Poh

    These oats are amazing!

    I had really high expectation and they still blew me away! They taste so different from the store bought ones! Creamier and nutty, with a barley like texture.

    The family loved it, looking forward to trying the steel cuts ones next.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you so much Poh!! I try so hard to always deliver an amazing product so hearing such high praise really makes my heart sing!! THANK YOU!!

  46. Rachel

    I don’t think I’ve ever buy store bought muesli again. Oats and my muesli toppings of pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, dates, sunflower seeds plus some greek yoghurt – every day this week. Delicious, filling and the feel good factor about $$ going to small business over the Coles coffers. Thanks Kendra, I look forward to my breakfast treat. And my better half has started a bircher habit…he’s hooked too and said that he’s fuller for longer which is a bonus on those days when he ends up having a late lunch break.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Rachel – this is music to my ears!! What you mention about your partner feeling fuller for longer is actually quite common. There’s just something about fresh oats that you can’t get in a dried oat. I do apologise if we have created an addiction for you (#notreallysorry). Thank you for your kind words!! Kx

  47. Janelle

    Let’s face it, once you try these amazing fresh oats you will not be able to go back to those store bought ones, that is why I now have to buy the 5kgs as I love to share the love, now I have a tribe of people who have crossed over. Honestly for me it is a package deal, the health benefits are great, the flavour is amazing, but the texture is out of this world, these oats are the ‘al dente’ of the oat world! Plus the service from Kendra is just an added bonus to the whole experience. Get them in your belly, you will not regret it!!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh Janelle – what a rave review!! Thank you!! And this is the reason I can’t stop doing what I do!!

  48. Caroline

    I tried these delicious creamy oats whilst working in the Riverina. I bought in bulk and now my whole family are enjoying them.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh wow – we’re so glad you discovered us!! Thank you Caroline!!

  49. Jeff Grant

    I have tried other oats but these win hands down for taste. They are the best available in Australia by a long way, and Kendra adds a personal dimension to what would otherwise be just another online transaction. The newsletters are terrific, suggesting new ways to try oats.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Jeff!! I know you are a huge fan of our oats but I’m also so pleased to see that you love the newsletter!!

  50. Sonia

    According my porridge-connoisseur husband, these are the best oats he’s ever tasted. He loves the texture because they stay a little firm and don’t go mushy. My carefully-packaged order also arrived very quickly. We are converted. No more supermarket oats in this house :) Thanks

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Sounds like your husband has very refined porridge tastes!! Thank you Sonia – welcome to the Brushwoods community.

  51. Louise

    I have been having porridge for breakfast all year around for years as it is the only breakfast that gets me through to lunch. Brushwood oats are amazing and full of flavour. I have just started to make granola from the Brushwood oats which is causing me the problem of having to decide on porridge or granola – but it has been solved by having both! Porridge with granola topping! Great service and quick delivery even interstate.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh wow – that is the best of both worlds!! Great thinking. So pleased to have you in our fan group Louise.

  52. Tracey

    Ive been eating oats for breakfast every day for years and Brushwood oats are the absolute tastiest and creamiest oats by far. I had to eat supermarket oats one morning as I forgot to pack my Brushwoods and they didnt even come close! Whenever I go on holidays I pack my oats, there’s no substitute anywhere!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Tee hee – things are a bit desperate when you have to go back to dried oats. Thank you for being such a long-time customer!!

  53. Kelly Allen

    You can’t beat the value of these oats, or how delicious they are. I am used to regular shop-bought oats, but these taste 100% better than those. They actually have texture and flavour, they taste….like oats! Made me realise how tasteless, thin and flaky shop ones are. I’ll definitely never go back to those. Customer for life here :-)

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