BRUSHWOODS Fresh Rolled Oats (5 x 1kg)

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Buy your oats in bulk and the whole family can indulge in a luxury breakfast for just 30c per serve (30g or 1/3 cup). Achieve a perfect, creamy consistency, whether breakfast’s on the run or a ritual to start your day. Nothing added, nothing taken away, just 100% goodness that keeps you fuller for longer.

5 x 1kg vacuum sealed packs to retain freshness. Note these packs are unboxed.

Would you like to receive our fresh oats on a regular basis? Our Oats on Subscription service means you can have fresh rolled oats, groats or steel-cut oats delivered to your doorstep every month, every 6 weeks or every 2 months. Click here to find out more.

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5 x 1 kg

14 reviews for BRUSHWOODS Fresh Rolled Oats (5 x 1kg)

  1. Ruth Browne

    The most amazing oats I have ever had

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      WOO HOO – thank you so much Ruth!! Have to say you are a rather amazing customer too!! THANK YOU. Kx

  2. Rebecca

    We had our first great breakfast of these high quality oats this morning and were very happy! Thanks for your family’s quality work and I felt so reassured by your lovely communications before the oats arrived. Feel very fortunate to have found you indeed. Thanks again!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Ooh thank you Rebecca!! Thats so lovely!! If we can help to kick start your day with a little sparkle of something special then its all worthwhile. Stay well. Kx

  3. Donna Smith

    The Brushwood oats have so much more texture and taste than Uncle Toby’s! We eat them every day and have just ordered our second batch. We will not be going back to the more processed supermarket oats.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Donna. I’m so happy that you are loving our oats!! x

  4. Jen

    Incredible Oats
    So creamy so delicious and kick starts my day to keep me going ..
    I got the 5kg so great value and I’ll be a returning customer 😊

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Jen – welcome to the Brushwoods family!! x

  5. Wendy

    I absolutely love this product! Have been making my own muesli for many years… but using these fresh rolled oats has definitely improved the taste a 100%… it honestly made such a big difference!! Will never be able to buy the ones from the supermarket again. And the service you get from Kendra is amazing… your order will arrive quickly, and the personal touch very thoughtful. All in all a great product and service!! :)

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU SO MUCH WENDY!! It’s so nice to know that the extra mile I try to go to is appreciated at the other end. Even better knowing that we have lifted your homemade muesli to a whole new level!! Kx

  6. Poh

    These oats are amazing!

    I had really high expectation and they still blew me away! They taste so different from the store bought ones! Creamier and nutty, with a barley like texture.

    The family loved it, looking forward to trying the steel cuts ones next.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you so much Poh!! I try so hard to always deliver an amazing product so hearing such high praise really makes my heart sing!! THANK YOU!!

  7. Rachel

    I don’t think I’ve ever buy store bought muesli again. Oats and my muesli toppings of pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, dates, sunflower seeds plus some greek yoghurt – every day this week. Delicious, filling and the feel good factor about $$ going to small business over the Coles coffers. Thanks Kendra, I look forward to my breakfast treat. And my better half has started a bircher habit…he’s hooked too and said that he’s fuller for longer which is a bonus on those days when he ends up having a late lunch break.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Rachel – this is music to my ears!! What you mention about your partner feeling fuller for longer is actually quite common. There’s just something about fresh oats that you can’t get in a dried oat. I do apologise if we have created an addiction for you (#notreallysorry). Thank you for your kind words!! Kx

  8. Janelle

    Let’s face it, once you try these amazing fresh oats you will not be able to go back to those store bought ones, that is why I now have to buy the 5kgs as I love to share the love, now I have a tribe of people who have crossed over. Honestly for me it is a package deal, the health benefits are great, the flavour is amazing, but the texture is out of this world, these oats are the ‘al dente’ of the oat world! Plus the service from Kendra is just an added bonus to the whole experience. Get them in your belly, you will not regret it!!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh Janelle – what a rave review!! Thank you!! And this is the reason I can’t stop doing what I do!!

  9. Caroline

    I tried these delicious creamy oats whilst working in the Riverina. I bought in bulk and now my whole family are enjoying them.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh wow – we’re so glad you discovered us!! Thank you Caroline!!

  10. Jeff Grant

    I have tried other oats but these win hands down for taste. They are the best available in Australia by a long way, and Kendra adds a personal dimension to what would otherwise be just another online transaction. The newsletters are terrific, suggesting new ways to try oats.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Jeff!! I know you are a huge fan of our oats but I’m also so pleased to see that you love the newsletter!!

  11. Sonia

    According my porridge-connoisseur husband, these are the best oats he’s ever tasted. He loves the texture because they stay a little firm and don’t go mushy. My carefully-packaged order also arrived very quickly. We are converted. No more supermarket oats in this house :) Thanks

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Sounds like your husband has very refined porridge tastes!! Thank you Sonia – welcome to the Brushwoods community.

  12. Louise

    I have been having porridge for breakfast all year around for years as it is the only breakfast that gets me through to lunch. Brushwood oats are amazing and full of flavour. I have just started to make granola from the Brushwood oats which is causing me the problem of having to decide on porridge or granola – but it has been solved by having both! Porridge with granola topping! Great service and quick delivery even interstate.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh wow – that is the best of both worlds!! Great thinking. So pleased to have you in our fan group Louise.

  13. Tracey

    Ive been eating oats for breakfast every day for years and Brushwood oats are the absolute tastiest and creamiest oats by far. I had to eat supermarket oats one morning as I forgot to pack my Brushwoods and they didnt even come close! Whenever I go on holidays I pack my oats, there’s no substitute anywhere!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Tee hee – things are a bit desperate when you have to go back to dried oats. Thank you for being such a long-time customer!!

  14. Kelly Allen

    You can’t beat the value of these oats, or how delicious they are. I am used to regular shop-bought oats, but these taste 100% better than those. They actually have texture and flavour, they taste….like oats! Made me realise how tasteless, thin and flaky shop ones are. I’ll definitely never go back to those. Customer for life here :-)

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