Rolled Oats

Our Groats, Steel-Cut and Rolled Oats, will Keep You full and Feeling Good

Milled oats are a household name wherever you are in the world. Thought to have originated in Asia as a weed, its use eventually spread to the West, where the grain became a staple. We now use oats as a meal, flour, to make alternative milk, and in animal feed.

Nutritious and versatile, processed oats come in eight different forms. Each has an individual texture, cooking time and taste. Varieties include groats (the most natural), steel-cut (cut into two to four pieces), Scottish (stone ground), rolled (steamed then rolled), quick oats (rolled and chopped), instant (the most processed), and oat bran and flour.

Rolled oats are the most widely used and popular worldwide, and here’s why.


The Benefits of Traditional Rolled Oats

Oats are acknowledged as one of the healthiest grains available, keeping your blood sugar balanced, your weight down, and your heart healthy. Benefits of rolled oats (also known as old-fashioned oats, or just plain oats) for you and your family include:

  • A daily dose of health: In addition to comprising carbohydrates and fibre, oats contain more fat and protein than most grains. Oats also provide various B vitamins and minerals, including manganese, folate, zinc, copper, magnesium, and phosphorous. Oats yield antioxidants that help lower your blood pressure and protect your cells from oxidative damage. Among these is an antioxidant group almost unique to oats – avenanthramides, which have anti-inflammatory properties. All delivered in a tasty and low-calorie meal.
  • A slow release of energy: The carbohydrates in oats are low GI (Glycaemic Index), meaning its sugars are released steadily, maintaining stable blood sugar and energy throughout the day. The grain also contains beta-glucans, a type of sugar that reduces glucose response and improves insulin sensitivity, crucial for people living with diabetes. Oats further help keep you feeling fuller for longer, staving off those cravings for snacks that interfere with weight control.
  • Ease and versatility: Rolled oats are quick and easy to prepare for time-starved cooks and busy businesspersons. Use as a porridge for breakfast or prepare as a snack to keep your energy levels up in the afternoon. You can even leave a serving to soak overnight to heat in the morning. While traditionally considered a sweet meal, with consumers adding milk, sugar, cinnamon, fruit or even butter and peanut butter, oats are also ideal for savoury dishes. Their neutral, bland flavour is perfect for combining with vegetables, eggs, cheese and your favourite herbs and spices.

Oats also protect your child against asthma if introduced early, help relieve constipation, and can be used to soothe skin if topically applied.

fresh rolled oats

What Sets Brushwoods Apart Regarding Raw Rolled Oats

As a family-owned and run business, we put our all into what we grow, manufacture and sell, so you can rest assured we make and pack your quality oats with care and consideration. There’s a reason our customers tell us we provide the best rolled oat in Australia. We’re proud to offer you:

  • Nothing but oats: We add nothing and take nothing away from our superior, real oats. Whether groats, steel-cut or rolled, your porridge will be the healthiest, tastiest, creamiest treat that you can enjoy guilt-free every day. If you still need convincing, try our Moats, a mini bag of delightful oats for taste-testing, camping, school, the office or anywhere else.
  • Ethical and sustainable produce: We’re passionate about bringing you the purest and most responsibly farmed and produced oats – for your health and the health of the planet. Our award-winning produce is also Australian in every respect, supporting local communities and helping promote our nation’s economy and pride.
  • Convenience: Buy and enjoy your natural, pure oats as individual purchases or enjoy the convenience of having your favourites delivered to your door every month or less often without lifting a finger. Our one-kilogram groats, steel-cut or rolled oats, are available in packs of five on subscription. We deliver nationwide. Bags are vacuum sealed for freshness. Look out for our special offers for discounts and enjoy free shipping for all orders of $50 or more. To make sure you don’t need to go without, you’re also welcome to pay for your purchase in four fortnightly instalments.


A History of Brushwoods

What started as a worn-out olive grove in 2014 has grown into our much loved, fully-fledged farm you see today. We offer tenderly-made olive oil, oats, and olive and oat-based skincare products to ensure your outside is as healthy as your inside. Like our edibles, our lotions and soaps contain nothing but goodness.

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If you’re ready for a heavenly spoonful of health, place your order of our farmer fresh rolled oats today or contact us for more information. We’d love to hear from you.