Explore New Culinary Horizons with Groats

Groats may be traditional food, but you can give them a modern twist. Unrolled and un-cut, they undergo minimal processing, retaining their nutritional properties and, most importantly, their typical taste.


Creative Ways to Use Oat Groats

Roll up those sleeves, take out your pots and pans and heat your stove because here come some excellent tips to turn traditional goodness into tasty modern delicacies.

  • Do you often bake bread yourself? Replace a quarter of the flour with ground groats. Also, add a few chopped dates and nuts. A pinch of cinnamon will give your bread a sublime taste.
  • Replace rice with oats for sushi or a buddha bowl rich in fibre and protein. The slightly nutty taste of the groats creates exceptional dishes.
  • Make variations on our groat risotto recipe by replacing the spinach with green asparagus, which you have cut into two or three-centimetre pieces. Give the dish extra flavour with a cup of dry white wine instead of water.

Little Known Facts About Oats Groats

  • Let us start by clearing up a misunderstanding: buckwheat is not the same as oat groats as the names imply. Buckwheat belongs to the knotweed family and is a pseudo cereal. However, the seeds can be hulled and broken into grits or ground into flour.
  • So, if not buckwheat, what are oat groats? In our case, groats are the hulled kernels of oat, including the germ, the fibre-rich bran and the endosperm.
  • Our oat groats are un-cut and unrolled. In earlier times, groats were broken in horse-powered mills. At the start, the miller turned an hourglass. While the horses were walking, the miller kept an eye on the hourglass. When it was empty, they stopped walking.



About Brushwoods

You may think we inherited all our knowledge about groats and grains from our ancestors when they emigrated from Ireland to Australia hundreds of years ago. Such a story may sound romantic, but the reality is that we are still relatively new to the business. However, while we may not have “groats in our blood”, we are 100% committed to bringing you the best possible oat groats in Australia.

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