We believe in natural products…

We give our all to everything we produce, it’s 100%, or not at all.
Discover the joy of real food and pure skincare.

Brushwoods Australia award-winning wholegrain oats

Award-winning whole grain oats

Brushwoods Australia Award-winning olive oil product category

Award-winning olive oil

Brushwoods Australia natural skincare products made from oats and olive oil

Natural Skincare

From our field to your front door, you’re guaranteed the highest quality whole grain oats, extra virgin olive oil and sustainable skincare.

We get it’s important you make the right choices for you and your family’s health, to connect with the food you eat and reduce your impact on the environment. We get it because we care about that too.

Your Brushwoods produce is family-farmed from the desire to share the superior taste and beneficial nutrients of real, natural food with our Australian community at an affordable price.