Connecting you with pure, real, 100% Australian produce

Our mission is to connect you with pure, real, 100% Australian produce and the joy it brings to your table. We believe in this so passionately that we refuse to compromise on quality or ethics. It’s 100% or not at all.

We care, just like you, about leaving the world a better place than we found it. We take our role as temporary custodians of the land very seriously, so sustainability and the impact we have on the planet, underpins how we operate our business.

We’re the Kerrisk family and we’ve been farming since 2007. But it was purchasing a somewhat neglected olive grove in 2014, that really began the Brushwoods story.

Deciding whether to destroy it or restore it back to health was a no-brainer. Months, weeks, days and hours of nurturing, pruning, watching and waiting were rewarded when we tasted the first drop of what quickly became an award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

Seeing people experience the true taste of fresh produce continues to confirm we’re achieving what we set out to do.

We wanted to bring that to more people, so 2018 saw an expansion into whole grain oats. Our customers quickly took the nutritious, creamy brekkie into their hearts, homes and businesses. It’s a privilege to stock pantries with porridge all over the country. And not to be outdone by the olive oil, our oats have won awards too.

Stepping into skincare came naturally. Sharing our customers belief that putting the right things onto your body is as important as what you put into it, we transformed our produce into a range of soaps and lotions. So you can reap the benefits of pure and real ingredients inside and out.

The people behind Brushwoods 


Mum, wife, ex-scientist, farmer, produce lover and goal chaser. The driving force behind Brushwoods, Kendra’s passion for all things natural stems from a desire to reconnect Australians with the land upon which their food is grown and the farmers that produce it. She believes we should all have the ability to know exactly what goes into our food so we can make the right choices for our health and our planet.


Whilst Kendra and the rest of the Kerrisk family manage the olive grove 100%, the rest of their crops are produced through a share-farming model. This is a collaborative approach to food production. It means local farmers supply the labour, equipment and inputs to plant, maintain and harvest the crops while the Kerrisk family provide the land and infrastructure. They then share the crop yield. One day the Kerrisk family hope to farm the land fully, but until then, this way of working enables Brushwoods to provide opportunities for farmers within the local community.