Bulk Rolled Oats

Make a Healthy Breakfast Using Bulk Rolled Oats 

Rolled oats are a processed whole grain made from lightly steamed oat groats rolled under heavy rollers and turned into flat oat flakes. There are two different types of rolled oats, thick and thinly rolled oats. As rolled oats absorb water quickly, they are often used to make porridge. Other than porridge, rolled oats can be added to muesli or granola and mixed with yoghurt to create a healthy, delicious snack or breakfast. At Brushwoods, you can purchase bulk rolled oats to keep in your pantry so you can make delicious porridge or enjoy a snack whenever the mood strikes you.


Benefits of Bulk Rolled Oats in Australia

When eating rolled oats, you too can enjoy these benefits:

  • Rich in antioxidants. Rolled oats are rich in an antioxidant called avenanthramides which can lower your blood pressure as it increases your body’s production of nitric acid, which dilates blood vessels leading to better blood flow.
  • Can assist with weight loss. As oats are quite filling, you may feel you aren’t hungry for a while after eating; therefore, you won’t need to eat as much during the day. However, you can’t rely on the oats alone to assist with weight loss; you will still need to exercise.
  • High in fibre. Fibre is an important part of our diet as it assists with our digestive systems.

Tips Regarding Bulk Rolled Oats in Australia

When you buy fresh bulk rolled oats, there are a few things you need to consider ensuring that you don’t waste any of your oats and that you stay healthy. Here is what you need to know:

  • Cooking rolled oats. Cooking rolled oats is relatively easy as all you will need to do is add the oats to boiling water, mix in some salt and simmer until done.
  • Be aware of how much you are eating. While oats are incredibly healthy to eat, you should always be mindful of how much you consume. Oats can produce gas which can, in turn, make your stomach swell, creating a level of discomfort.

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We are passionate about natural foods and want to bring these to our customers to enjoy. We strive to make the best possible products that are minimally processed. While we have been in business since 2007, in 2018, we saw a gap in the market to bring fresh whole grains to our customers. Many people use our products to make themselves and their families delicious and nutritious breakfasts. We believe that it’s our responsibility to take care of our planet. We strive to not compromise on our values and ethics.

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