BRUSHWOODS Fresh Rolled Oats

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Prepare to experience how oats truly taste. Achieve a perfect, creamy consistency, whether breakfast’s on the run or a ritual to start your day. Nothing added, nothing taken away, just 100% goodness that keeps you fuller for longer.

Vacuum sealed to retain freshness. 1kg bag is not boxed.

Would you like to receive our fresh oats on a regular basis? Our Oats on Subscription service means you can have fresh rolled oats, groats or steel-cut oats delivered to your doorstep every month, every 6 weeks or every 2 months. Click here to find out more.

Note: Buy 5x 1kg bags for only $57.50!

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39 reviews for BRUSHWOODS Fresh Rolled Oats

  1. Michael Day

    The best porridge I have ever tasted is made with these oats.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Michael – love having you in our fan club!! So glad you love our oats. Kendra x

  2. Terina Whiteley

    Our daughter introduced us to Brushwood’s Fresh Rolled Oats, she buys them from the local bakery in Ganmain NSW, she is a devotee. They are simply delightful, like no other rolled oats I have tried before, of course its all about the mouth feel (and mouthful) they are bit gnarly but smaller than your standard supermarket rolled oat, they have a delightful flavour.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Terina. So glad that you have discovered us and become a Brushwoods fan. King regards, Kendra x

  3. Elissa Theodoros

    I love your oats so much. I have been overseas and did an order while I was still at the airport, I missed them so much! I can’t believe how much better they are compared to supermarket options!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Awww – thank you Elissa!! Thats serious praise – it truly means a lot!! Kx

  4. Tim

    Very happy with the Oats Product , bery clen , thank you

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Fantastic – thank you!!!

  5. Elizabeth

    I have been buying these oats on repeat since discovering them a few months ago. They are so delicious in porridge and Anzac biscuits and looking forward to making Bircher over summer!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh Elizabeth – you are never going to make a nicer Bircher that the one you will make with our oats – I just know it!! Thank you so much for loving what I love. Kx

  6. Peter Jenkins

    I love my quiet morning ritual of making your wonderful rolled oats. I would find it difficult to use a supermarket product ever again. Taste is sensational and the texture is very satisfying.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Aw thanks Peter. Maybe they should come with a little “addictive” warning. So glad you are loving our rolled oats. Kendra x

  7. Michelle

    Brushwoods Oats are brilliant! I can’t go back to supermarket products after having these fantastic, fresh oats. Our family loves them in warm porridge and they are also delicious in our favourite baked slices!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thanks so much Michelle. So glad that they are a big hit with the whole family!!

  8. Denise McSparron

    Love Brushwoods’ oats (& their Olive Oil). Nothing better than a heart warming bowl of oats in the morning

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Aw thanks Denise – so glad we’ve hit the mark in your household!! Enjoy!!

  9. Jacinta

    The lovely people at Brushwoods helped me to put a little package of pure goodness together for my porridge-loving Dad for Father’s Day. In Dad’s words: “I am sure we will enjoy all that you have sent. Each holds the promise of a special difference.” Thank you Kendra (and your family) for putting so much love into what you do. It truly puts a smile on people’s faces!

    P.S. I have strongly suggested to Dad that an Oats Subscription might be a very good idea.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh Jacinta – you have made my day!! I’m so happy that you Dad was so impressed with the gorgeous products that you chose for him. Its easy to put love into what I do especially when its so appreciated at the other end. Thank you so much!! Kxx

  10. Ruth Brandes de Roos

    Hi Kendra!

    Thank you so much!!

    I happened upon your oats when a friend recently brought me back one of your mini sachets from her rural driving adventure! I must admit,  they sat in my cupboard for a few months as I was so used to using a microwave to cook them. 

    Then our Sydney lockdown happened, and, with time on my hands,  I tried them. 

    From that point on, I was hooked! I can’t believe the difference to my normal supermarket sawdust! And it is really not much more work to make them on the stove top! Your oats are divine, and I am telling anyone who will listen ?

    I have had to go back to the supermarket sawdust until your delivery,  so I will appreciate your oats even more when I receive them! ?

    Lovely to get a personalised email too. It makes a world of difference, thank you.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      I’m soooo glad that you love our oats and that my efforts in providing a beautiful product and good service don’t go unnoticed!! If our oats can bring a little bit of sunshine to your lockdown mornings then I am pleased. Thank you again Ruth. Kx

  11. Marshie

    Read the ‘buy from the bush’ promotion and thought, “Why not!”.
    So, 1 kg of rolled oats later, I’m cooking ANZAC biscuits, porridge and baking my wife Maura’s Irish Brown Bread recipe.
    Verdict: Yum

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Aw thanks Marshie!! I’m impressed and can only imagine how good that Irish Brown Bread recipe tastes with Brushwoods oats. ENJOY!!

  12. Margaret

    I love these oats, both the steel cut and the rolled oats. I am a great fan of rolled oats, have been since my mother cooked them for me! I think they are such a yummy and healthy breakfast.

    One of my grandchildren loves to help me eat them with banana when she visits.

    As I have become more environmentally aware, I noticed that there was not a lot of Australian grown and produced oats on the market, even the producing companies were overseas owned. So…..when a friend of mine gave me breakfast made from Brushwoods Oats, I was sold. She sent me home with a sampler of both types of oats, and then arranged for my first delivery of them.

    This summer when it was a bit hot for porridge, I made a very simple muesli. It was also great!

    How can I go back to supermarket oats when I have had the best?

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh Margaret – you have absolutely made my day!! Thank you so much. It is my pleasure to be supply you and your grandchildren with 100% Australian Oats.
      Stay well lovely. Kx

  13. Melissa

    These rolled oats always deliver a beautiful taste and creamy texture, absolutely perfect for the whole family for breakfast and also a spectacular option when baking.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Melissa!! So glad that you love our oats!! Kx

  14. Keith

    I am so glad I found Brushwood Oats. Best oats I’ve had. My kids and extended family love the texture of these rolled oats. No going back to commercial oats.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      And we are so glad you found us!! Thank you Keith. Happy Oating!!

  15. Gayelene

    We are so pleased we discovered these amazing rolled oats! So delicious and healthy! At first it was just me eating them for breakfast, with stewed fruit and yogurt, but my husband has now tasted them – and he is off his supermarket muesli and really enjoying the rolled oats as well. Great to be able to buy direct from the Aussie farmer family – and be assured of the honesty of the claims and the quality! We are now regular customers. The 5 1kg packs deal is a great buy! No wonder all the reviews say 5 Stars! Well deserved! :)

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you so much Gayelene for such kind words!! I know I love a bit of old fashioned customer service and so do our customers so we are a match made in heaven in more ways than one. I’m so glad you found us!! Kx

  16. Warren

    I stumbled across Brushwood when I was Googling to find a supplier of steel cut oats as our local supermarket didn’t stock them regularly. I inadvertently ordered rolled oats by mistake. I don’t eat commercial rolled oats because they have no texture, it’s like goop.

    These rolled oats are fabulous they have texture, as the Italians would say al dente. I love them. Highly recommended and the side benefit is supporting an Aussie producer.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you so much Warren. You have made my day – so glad we’ve hit the mark!! Kendra

  17. jodie

    Just a quick little email to say … OMG we LOVE our Brushwoods Oats … we very much look forward to our breakfast every day! They are so so delicious … we even enjoy them for a little snack! Well done, keep up the fabulous work and thank you for producing such delicious fresh oats the way they should be made and enjoyed … also love the packaging and also Kendra | Brushwoods are SO lovely and have a true feeling of family and being kind, well done Brushwoods Oats! x

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oooohhhh thanks Jodie. Its lovely to know that the extra effort doesn’t go unnoticed!! I’m so happy that you are loving our oats – makes my heart sing!! Thank you again. Kx

  18. Linda T

    We had these oats this morning for breakfast and they are so much better than the supermarket packs. I’m looking forward to using them in recipes as well. We love being able to support Aussie small business and receiving a quality product. The care and personal attention is evident in communication and packing. The vacuum packing is perfect for storage.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Hey Linda – thank you for your kind words. Glad to hear that you are loving our oats and that the personalised communications are valued. I love the connections we make with our customers – some of their stories are just so gorgeous!! Stay well and enjoy!! Kx


    I decided to learn to cook for the first time in my life — I’m 74. Hoping to help some Bush people, I bought some oats from Brushwoods — to make breakfast for my wife & cookies for my grandchildren — what an experience ! — A very reasonable price-quick delivery, to Sydney, very friendly & courteous communications from Kendra … and my wife & grandchildren loved my cooking !! I’m certainly recommending Brushwoods to my friends.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh Denis – I think you are amazing!! I’ve loved connecting with you and I’m so pleased that your porridge and cookies have been a big hit with your wife and grandchildren. There will be no stopping you now. Thank you so much for supporting small business and shopping regional – your dollar really goes a long way out here!! Kx

  20. Gina

    Love these oats!
    I received my package of oats from you yesterday and was excited knowing what I was having for breakfast this morning. I just had to say how wonderful that experience was. Just like the old ways of mum making porridge. Creamy, delicious and filling.
    I know where I will be getting mine from now on. I truly Love these oats!
    Thank you Kendra and Brushwoods for bringing back the real food!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Exactly what we set out to achieve!! Thank you Gina – I was excited for you and now I’m just ecstatic that we lived up to the expectation and the memories!! Thank you again!! Kx

  21. Marnie

    So delicious. I bought the oats after seeing a post of Buy From The Bush. They are so much more delicious than the big name brand quick oats from the supermarket which is really powdery. Very quick and efficient service from Kendra. I will not be going back to big name supermarket oats after trying Brushwoods.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Marnie – so glad you found us and that you are loving our oats and the service I provided. Welcome to the family!! Kx

  22. Alison Guthrie

    These oats are a revelation !
    So much nicer than the “dried” ones that you buy in shops. They come in a vacuum sealed packet, you just need to keep them in the fridge once they are opened.
    They have a great texture and taste. So glad I have found them !
    I ordered online without any fuss and was able to change my order slightly after id completed – SO much easier to deal with a small producer than a big company.
    We are very much looking forward to trying their olive oil after the next harvest.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      We’re also so glad you found us!! Thank you for a gorgeous review Alison. I’ve been loving seeing photos of your cooking creations!! Kx

  23. Lyn Flannery

    Best oats ever. Great feeling knowing we’re supporting an Aussie family farm business too. Goodonya Kendra and family ?

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU!! Thats high praise but I’ll take it – so glad you are loving our oats!! Stay well. Kx

  24. Gaye

    On the weekend I took some as a present for my granddaughters (aged 2 and 4) and they simply loved it (ate it every morning) as did their mum and dad. Definitely no more supermarket porridge for all of us – we are total converts

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh Gaye – that is fantastic!! Thank you for loving local!! I’m so glad we met the expectations of your granddaughters – they can be tough critics at that age (tee hee). Kx

  25. Rhianna Steindl

    Thanks for the oats, they arrived on Friday. My 2 year old son and I had some the past few mornings.  They must have been good as he asks me to cook him some more each time and proceeds to eat nearly all of the second batch. They certainly taste and have a slightly different texture to the store products in a good way! Thanks

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Your son knows he’s onto a good thing!! Thank you so much – I love hearing feedback like this!! Kx

  26. Heather Taylor

    I was super excited to see whether the Brushwood fresh oats would bring back long held memories of a child absolutely loving porridge and they certainly have not disappointed. Just as delicious and creamy, chewy as I fondly remember and the health benefits they bring with them is just the best bonus ever. I might also add what a delightful pleasure it has been to have stumbled across a business that is so emotionally invested in their products. A truly well run and efficient outfit and one that I have no hesitation in recommending highly. Will be my go to oats supplier from here on in.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh Heather – how lovely it has been to connect with you!! I’m sooooo happy that we have taken you back to those childhood memories of gorgeous porridge!! Thank you so much for your kind words – they really mean a lot. Kx

  27. Lisa Stanford

    Do you ever think porridge is just boring? Well, try making it with Brushwoods fresh rolled oats! Your porridge becomes something so enjoyable that you look forward to breakfast every morning. The texture and taste of fresh oats is so different to what we have been used to, that it’s like a revelation! And your normal bowl of porridge will keep you satisfied for hours. Good for your stomach, good for cholesterol, good for your blood sugar levels and it tastes amazing too? How good is that!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU LISA!! I think I might need you on my marketing team (tee hee). I’m so happy that you are loving our oats. Kx

  28. Deb Blackburn

    Thank you Kerrisk family and share farmers, we are in breakfast heaven!
    Brushwood fresh rolled oats look better, smell better and taste sooooo much better than their supermarket cousins.
    Thank you for all the love and care that clearly goes into your product. They’re even packed beautifully!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Hey Deb
      Thank you so much for your kind words!! We do truly love what we do and this feedback just makes it all even more enjoyable!! Kx

  29. Work Licence

    Good evening. Thanks.Love your blog!.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU!! So glad that you like it.

  30. Debbie

    Once you’ve tried Brushwoods Rolled Oats you’ll never buy supermarket oats again! The freshness and quality of the oats is amazing. Cook them – you can even smell the difference! Pure, natural and full of goodness!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      I’m with you Debbie – they just don’t compare. Thank you so much for loving what we love!!

  31. Kate

    I’m loving Brushwood rolled oats. They are super creamy and have an old fashioned taste and texture about them. They remind me of having porridge with my Grandma when I was a child. I have recently had a tooth extracted and these oats are the perfect remedy for my current soft food diet. A much healthier (and tastier) alternative to an ice cream diet I can assure you!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Kate!! Its the nostalgia that gets me too – the memories of standing on a chair to stir the porridge when I was little. I love that the taste and texture is so traditional. Sorry to hear about your tooth – happy oating on your soft food diet.

  32. Laura

    These oats are so incredibly creamy and delicious. I love the texture they make for porridge and they taste so oaty!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you so much Laura!! There’s just nothing quite like a fresh oat – so pleased you love them.

  33. Miss Heather

    I am a new Brushwoods convert! Just love the creamy texture and delicious natural flavour. Perfect soul food. Ohhhh and they’re great for the heart too. Literally!

    My partner has gone from a bacon & eggs guy to an oats man!

    We recently ran out and had withdrawal symptoms. Thank goodness for fast delivery.

    Thanks Brushwoods – love your oats.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Miss Heather!! Happy oating!!

  34. Pam

    Love these oats for both breakfast (we soak overnight then microwave .. delicious)
    and also for baking, my anzac bickies are a big hit.
    Thanks Brushwoods

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Pam!! I’ve heard great things about your Anzac biscuits!!

  35. Steve & Diane

    We are huge porridge and muesli fans, and these oats are perfect for both. Their natural taste is what does it for us. Packaging is great (not too fancy, just practical and informative) and you know that you are getting a genuinely natural product. Like all things Brushwood, service is worth a mention because it is always polite and efficient and we really can’t recommend Brushwoods more highly.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh wow – thank you for such high praise!! Love that you have discovered how amazing fresh oats are.

  36. Polly Telford

    My husband adores the Brushwood Oats. He makes himself porridge every morning and finds the quality so much more superior. He loves the creaminess and the texture. I have also made the ANZAC slice which is a huge hit especially when we have guests. Very Highly Recommended.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Polly. Sounds like your husband has good taste – there really is no comparison to fresh when it comes to oats!!

  37. Glenda

    Loving Brushwood oats with molasses.. best of both worlds .. high fiber creaminess from the oats and a little sweetness plus vitamins and minerals from the molasses… highly recommend both

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Wow – never occurred to me to put molasses on my oats. Thank you Glenda.

  38. Jen

    Love Brushwoods fresh rolled oats. Delicious cooked in microwave, sensational on the stove top. My cholesterol was on the high side and is now in the normal range thanks to Brushwoods.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Jen – how fabulous that your cholesterol has settled down. Thank you for loving what we love!!

  39. Korii

    Having never tried fresh rolled oats before, I was genuinely amazed by the taste and just how filling these were. We made overnight oats with yoghurt, milk, strawberries and cinnamon and it tasted absolutely delicious – makes a refreshing change from only ever eating Weet-bix. Would highly recommend stocking your pantry up with these rolled oats!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh Korii – the taste of fresh oats is something special. I’m so glad you enjoyed them!!

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