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For those that love a hardy oat. Steel-Cut Oats require longer cooking or soaking time than the rolled variety. but you’ll be rewarded with a traditional textured porridge. Creamy and a little chewy – just the way the Scottish like it. Nothing added, nothing taken away, just 100% goodness that keeps you fuller for longer.

Vacuum sealed to retain freshness. 1kg bag is not boxed.

Would you like to receive our fresh oats on a regular basis? Our Oats on Subscription service means you can have fresh rolled oats, groats or steel-cut oats delivered to your doorstep every month, every 6 weeks or every 2 months. Click here to find out more.

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1 kg (unboxed), 500 grams

10 reviews for BRUSHWOODS Steel-Cut Oats

  1. David Shaw

    My delivery of 5kg arrived promptly with a lovely personal note from Kendra. As soon as I opened the first vacuum pack I was met with the beautiful fragrance of fresh oats. So much better than the Uncle Toby’s. I used to buy Uncle Toby’s oats, but they are no longer available in WA, which is what prompted me to search online. I’m so glad I did, and discovered Brushwoods – they will be my regular supplier from now. They are far superior to Uncle Toby’s oats and the local offering available at a well-known health food store in Perth. I mix my steel cut oats with Greek yoghurt, and top with frozen berries, at bedtime, and enjoy them as a very tasty and nutritious breakfast. I also look forward to cooking porridge at the weekends in the colder months. Well done, Kendra and family – you guys are great. I must also try some of your olive oil. I encourage everyone to support this business – you won’t be disappointed.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you so much David!! Welcome to the Brushwoods family – super excited to have you on board and so pleased that we have impressed you with our gorgeous oats. Regards, Kendra

  2. Stedman

    I 1st came across Brushwoods oats in my local supermarket. I now have an oat subscription that delivers my oats straight to my door. My family love the steel cut oats for porridge, but I have also started slipping them into hearty winter soups. I also love the fact that I am supporting a small Australian farming family and I know where the products are coming from from and the care and quality of the products shipped to me are always evident.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Sted!! We’re loving having you on board. I have to admit, I’ve only used groats in my soups but you’ve inspired me to try replacing them with the steel-cut oats. Looking forward to that before soup season leaves us for the year. Stay well.

  3. Joanne Comito

    Tried the steel cut oats today made with a little dried fruit, coconut & mixed spice. Oh my … bowl of happy goodness right there! The oats have a wonderful “mouth feel”, texture and taste. Next will try in slow cooker for those mornings that are more rushed. Thank you to the Brushwoods family.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU JOANNE – the pleasure is all mine!! So glad that we’ve hit the spot. Stay well. Kx

  4. Jonathan Bands

    I’m eating a large bowl of steel-cut oats as I write this – this is a truly wonderful product. Filling, tasty, and a whole different experience from the supermarket product. I’m glad I bought 5 kg! I have also really enjoyed the friendly, prompt service from the Brushwoods team. Thanks, guys and keep up the good work.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thanks Jonathon!! Soooo glad that you are loving our oats and they are ticking all the boxes!! Its been a pleasure to have connected with you. Stay well. Kx

  5. Meena

    This is the first time that we’ve bought steel cut oats from a place other than a supermarket. which means it is the first time we’ve had great tasting oats. It has taken us all this time to realise what good steel cut oats taste like . Never thought there would come a day when my family uses the words delicious to describe oats.
    The service was impeccable , Kendra has been prompt in her replies, the oats were delivered on time ( actually earlier than expected) and the warmth in the Kendra’s responses has been a bonus. There is no turning back for us. Thank you Kendra and team at Brushwoods for your fabulous product and service.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh wow Meena – thank you for your kind words!! I’m sooo happy that we have hit the spot with your family!! Kx

  6. Narelle

    Now this is how oats are supposed to be! Not those dried, dusty ones you find in supermarket packets but moist and delightfully toothsome as I had when a child. My English, oat loving husband had never tried fresh oats and has vowed to eat nothing less from now on.

    Congratulations to Kendra and her family, a beautiful product you should rightfully be very proud of. I am about to order our second supply!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU NARELLE!! I’m soooo pleased your oat fanatic husband is loving the steel-cut – they are always a big hit with porridge lovers. I also love that we have taken you back to the porridge of your childhood – that is exactly what we aimed to achieve with our fresh oats!! Kx

  7. Teresa Waters

    Cook these in my aging slow cooker crock pot for about 4 hrs and they are just perfect for the morning also able to freeze in small portions for later use. Love these products so different from the one’s bought in the supermarket.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Teresa!! I love hearing how our products fit into peoples lives!! Kx

  8. Deb Blackburn

    Who knew the humble oat could taste this good? So much flavour and texture!
    The porridge takes a little bit longer to cook but the wait is very worthwhile.
    Thank you Brushwoods for turning breakfast into something special.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      THANK YOU DEB!! So glad that you are enjoying our ultimate porridge oats!! I think the longer stirring time of the steel-cut oats is like a little therapy session in itself. x

  9. Maryanne

    I loved the idea of “slowing down” and taking the time to cook oats on the stove top and was rewarded with the most beautiful smell in my kitchen that took me back to my childhood. These oats are so delicious that I don’t think I could go back to rolled oats.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      I too love the idea of slowing down Maryanne. To me it adds so much to the enjoyment of any food. I love that our steel-cut oats created a level of nostalgia that took you back to you childhood. Thank you so much for trusting in our brand and for coming on the journey with us!!

  10. Emma Va’ai

    My kids and I love these oats. They are so filling and taste so different to what you get in the supermarket. Love what you do Brushwoods

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Emma. I love that your kids are getting such a good start to their day!! x

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