Fresh Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Our Olive Oil is a seasonal product and the 2019 harvest sold out within just days. Along with many other farmers, our crop was severely affected by the drought and our yield was less than 10% of 2018. Unfortunately Mother Nature didn’t play the game again in 2020 and our harvest was completely aborted due to a severe lack of fruit.

So you don’t miss out on this divine oil again, sign up to the mailing list now and we’ll notify you when the 2021 harvest is on its way.

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6 reviews for Fresh Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  1. Kat Dowling

    Brushwoods oil is simply Devine, incredibly beautiful oil to cook with that I have fallen in love with!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh Kat, I’m so pleased that you have fallen in love with one of my favourite products!! Thank you for your review!!

  2. Nicci

    I love buying and supporting products that have a real story. Brushwoods olive oil is a staple in my kitchen and is often used in my commercial baking. Its taste and aroma are so unique. When you buy Brushwoods you are buying into a family story of hands and heart. Kendras passion for real food is the real heart of her business.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Nicci!! I love following your socials and seeing the beautiful creations coming from your kitchen. So much pride when I see our ingredients incorporated!!

  3. Steve & Diane

    This was our first Brushwood product and it’s natural flavour is what got us hooked. Try it we with some balsamic and a loaf of fresh bread. Yummy! We have 8 bottles left so the shortage this year means we are on rations! But that makes it a real treat, which really is what it is. A great product and hopefully next year availability will be back to normal.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oooh – lucky you to have a wee stash!! I know I don’t need to tell you to enjoy it. Thank you!!

  4. Bron Hatty

    I absolutely LOVE Brushwoods Olive Oil. It has such a beautiful flavour and aroma. I’m stoked to be able to buy this fresh, premium product locally to enjoy in my cooking and on my breads and platters!

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Oh Bron, I love that you love what we love!! It really means a lot.

  5. Cayley

    An absolute staple in my pantry. I use this for cooking every single day and love the quality. Is great as a dipper with dukkah too.

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you!! I just love hearing that we are your ‘go-to’ for olive oil. x

  6. Glenda

    Brushwoods extra virgin olive oil .. delicious, mild flavor .. one of the best I’ve tried .. waiting for next years harvest 😍

    • Kendra Kerrisk

      Thank you Glenda – I think we are all eagerly anticipating the 2020 harvest!!

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