Limited Edition Melbourne Highland Games and Celtic Festival Extra Virgin Olive Oil


When Brushwoods meets Melbourne Highland Games and Celtic Festival something a little bit magical happens. Bring in Liz Mulvaney (@lizcaityart) and we’ve got ourselves a limited edition label that means a whole lot.

Here’s a bit about the design:

  • A female athlete tosses a caber in commemoration of the first female heavy events at Melbourne Highland Games and Celtic Festival
  • The purple watercolour splash behind the athlete represents that is she is paving the way for more young girls to follow behind her in her footsteps.
  • The athlete is in the initial stage of picking up the caber where her hands are clasped around the front of the caber (as you progress to throw the caber your hands are interlaced underneath). As she is at the beginning of lifting the caber this is representative of the beginning of having the female Heavy Events category at the Melbourne Highland Games.

It’s a very cool label that means very cool things for females competing in 2022 and in the future. The contents of the bottle will not disappoint either – we lovingly refer to it as liquid gold. Packed with gut-healthy nutrients and antioxidants, it’s the perfect everyday olive oil for all your culinary needs, from salads and pasta to roasting and baking. Unrivalled in quality, at Brushwoods we guarantee it will always be 100% pure, 100% first cold pressed and 100% extra virgin.

Purchase 1x 500mL bottle for $22 or 6x bottles for $110 (this savings is equal to buying 5x bottles and getting 1x free).

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