Brushwoods meets Graziher Winter 2019

Graziher magazine is simply a collection of womens stories.  

Women of the land, women who love the land, women who know the land. 

A gorgeous quarterly collection of stories of women of the land which will inspire anyone with even a slight connection to rural life.  It helps to reduce the boundaries between regional and rural.  It’s one of those magazines that just begs you to sit down with a cuppa in a quiet spot and read it from cover to cover.

You can imagine how excited I was to see my story across a four page spread in the Winter 2019 edition of Graziher (squeal with delight)!!  Funny thing is that I read the story and when I got the end of it I had this surreal feeling.  A feeling like I wanted to be that lady in the article, I wanted to follow my dreams, to live a life that excites me to get out of bed everyday.  The reality is that I am that lady and am living that life.  And that makes me feel so blessed!!

The combination of the words by Emily Herbert and the photos from Jodie Harris (Down Brushwood Road Photography) are just gorgeous.  I know personally that I love to know the story behind my food.  It evokes my imagination as I toil in the kitchen preparing it, it creates conversation at the dinner table as we enjoy it as a family and it commands our respect forcing us to be less wasteful and more conscious of serving size.  I truly think that all of those things play an important role in our physical and even mental health.

So, I hope that as you read this article it inspires you to seek out foods that are Australian (local), and that are produced  sustainably and even with artisan methods.  There is a true beauty that comes with food that is pure and unadulterated and a magic that happens when you discover it.  If you haven’t already tried our Fresh (not dried) Rolled Oats then I’d love to encourage you to give them a go.  My promise to you is that you will not be disappointed.  If you are already a fan grab a bulk pack to make your favourite oats even more affordable.

Click here to read the Graziher article.  Happy reading.


Kendra x